Our Favorite Post-Workout Smoothie — Athlete Food

When it comes to refueling after a workout, we like to make smoothies that are full of nutrients, but also made of simple, easy to find ingredients. Here’s our favorite post-workout snack: Athlete Food Green Smoothie In a blender combine: 1 apple, cut into quarters 1 banana 1/4 cup (or more i


The Teenage Athlete Diet Plan | STACK


Amy Sutter

Amy Sutter recently won her first female bodybuilding competition.


Mid Eastern Buddha Bowl Recipe for Peak Performance

Easy, Simple, and Tasty Mid Eastern Buddha Bowl for Peak Performance.


Brown Vegan

#42 Being A Vegan Athlete, Food Talk & Vegan Travel A Conversation with Donta Harris


16 Top Foods to Fuel Your Young Athlete - Mitzi Dulan, America's Nutrition Expert, Cooks and Dishes

I’m uber excited that this Friday my family will be traveling to Dallas, Texas to watch my 11 year-old daughter compete in the Junior National Volleyball Tournament. She will be competing against the top 48 teams in the country and her team is seeded #5. To prepare and qualify for nationals, she has played in …


Beet Hummus - The Green Creator

If you love a good homemade hummus recipe, you have to try the pink version: beet hummus.


Feeding Your Athlete: Pre and Post Workout Nutrition for Young Athletes

Feeding Your Athlete: Information on Children's Sports Nutrition. How and what you should feed your growing athlete for optimum performance.


Best Pre-Practice Snacks for Kids

If your kids are like mine, they are: A. always hungry B. always in a rush and C. grabbing food as they walk out the door. Trying to get them to slow down and grab something


Greek Lentil Salad

Bold, zesty flavors of the Mediterranean combine with fiber and protein-packed lentils for a healthy and crazy delicious Greek lentil salad. It's plant-based, gluten-free, healthy lunch or side dish, and is great for healthy meal prep!


13 Healthy Recipes Your Kids Won't Hate

Good habits start young.


The Teenage Athlete Diet Plan | STACK


Health Bosses Plan to Stop Gluten-Free Food Prescriptions In Heywood, Middleton


This recipe, one of our favorites, ups the nutrient content of typical banana bread with the addition of carrots. The carrots also add sweetness, reducing the amount of sugar in the recipe. It’s one of our go to training foods, not only because it’s an easy-on-the-sto


3-Ingredient Nutty Butter Bites

Three wholesome ingredients is all you need to make these healthy, no-bake Nutty Butter Bites. A vegan-friendly and grain-free recipe.


Life is Good

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A Bedtime Snack: Could This Help Your Athlete? - Sports Moms United

Fall sports have begun and for many of us, that means our lazy summer days have come to a screeching halt! Practice schedules, games and pretty soon school commitments will be filling up our calendars and getting food into our growing athletes can become pretty challenging! When working with a student athlete, I…



Avocado slaw is a healthy alternative to coleslaw that uses avocados instead of mayonnaise. This side dish is low-carb, paleo, vegan, and whole30 compliant.


What to Eat Before & After a Workout

Are you fueling your body properly for your workout? To get the most out of your workout and give you maximum results, here's a breakdown of what to eat before and after a workout!


Athlete Food: Gluten-Free Glazed Donuts

Not all donuts are created equal. Try this healthier alternative for a wholesome, post-workout splurge.


The Perfect Ending to a Summer Day: White Claw Seltzer and Fish Tacos — Athlete Food

The Perfect Ending to a Summer Day: White Claw Seltzer and Fish Tacos — Athlete Food


I'm a competitive CrossFit athlete. Here's what I eat every single day

Sign me up for "pre-breakfast," please.


Athlete Food: Good Enough Fish Tacos

This is a recipe that can be salvaged from a variety of cooking sins by adding more hot sauce later.


Thai Style Turkey Lettuce Wraps recipe by Laurel Wassner | The Feedfeed

This easy to make thai inspired dish if the perfect way to refuel after a hard day of training.


Spiced Sweet Potatoes and Apples — Athlete Food

Last week we joined friends from@thefeedfeed for a fall harvest dinner put together by the spice maker Simply Organics. It was a potluck and we contributed one of our all-time favorite Athlete Food recipes, Spiced Sweet Potatoes and Apples. We’ve made some adjustments to this recipe to speed up the


Tahini Energy Bars: Fueling athletes for 40 (!!) years — Athlete Food

My previous attempts at DIY energy bars had all ended at the grocery store. I would walk in with a long list of ingredients, and walk out with a half-dozen pre-packaged, healthy-enough snacks from the aisle full of options. Baking bars had been high on my should - do list for years, but why spend ti


Athlete Food: Do you Get Runners Stomach Ache? — Athlete Food

What is it about running hard that causes that awful stomach ache? And why does it strike even if you ate the perfect pre-workout snack? It's a mystery to me. It's been a few years since I've been stricken with RSA (Runners Stomach Ache).


Banana Breakfast Bars — Athlete Food

I came across this recipe in a cookbook I checked out of the library and knew immediately that I wanted to try it. I've been hunting for make ahead, grab-and-go breakfasts ideas for those hectic mornings (which is just about every morning) when I'm rushing to a workout while Amy is rushing to school


Top 10 Carbs Athletes Should Love

These carbs pack a nutritional punch and have high amounts of fiber and protein, so that you can perform at your best.


Food is fuel! Here's an easy guide to the best food options for your young athlete to consume on the day of a game.