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Ready-To-Roll Storage Cart, Mini Dot

Mini Dot Ready-To-Roll Storage Cart | PBteen


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How to Create a Dorm Room Layout - College Fashion

Learn how to create a dorm room layout. PLUS: Three different dorm layout ideas and a dorm layout generator.


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Headed To College? Design Your Dorm Lets You Build Your Pad In 3D – TechCrunch

It's something of a rite of passage for college freshmen. You arrive at your new dorm room and, after a few moments of excitement, come to the unsettling conclusion that you have either A) brought so much junk that your room will soon resemble a rummage sale or B) brought so little that even Steve…


Affordable On-Campus Housing Options at Northeastern University

Affordable On-Campus Housing Options at Northeastern University ...


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(Imagem: via) Para quem divide o quarto pode ser um problema pensar numa decoração bacana e que agrade as duas (ou mais) pessoas que dormem ali. Mas hoje em dia com um pouquinho de criatividade é possível criar tantas coisas bacanas, que com certeza vocês encontrarão um meio termo que agrade as duas partes e o resultado pode ser incrível. Quer ver? Então olha as inspirações que eu separei logo abaixo. (Imagem: via) (Imagem: via) (Imagem: via) (Imagem: via) (Imagem: via) (Imagem: via) (Imagem: via) (Imagem: via) (Imagem: via) (Imagem: via) (Imagem: via) (Imagem: via) (Imagem: via) (Imagem: via) (Imagem: via) Veja mais dicas de decoração clicando aqui.


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Dorm Sweet Dorm

Hey y'all! Every summer brings an entirely new class of kids heading off to college. New faces, (possibly) new places, and new surrounding...


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26 Incredibly Cozy Dorms You'd Actually Want To Live In

Cinderblock walls never looked so chic.


Uga Russell Hall Floor Plan Dorm Room Ideas In 2019

Uga Russell Hall Floor Plan Dorm Room Ideas In 2019


17 Best ideas about Dorm Layout on Pinterest | College dorms, Dorm arrangement and Dorm room layouts


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Good idea before move in day! Sketch out your room and plot where you want furniture to go that way you're ready to move in!


How Best to ORGANIZE a Dorm Room

Hello, World. Are you starting college this year? Are you currently in the process of packing, and thinking something along the lines of, “How in the world will I ever get all of this stuff i…


11 Dorm Room Essentials - The Honey Scoop

Don't be stressed looking at your first year of college shopping list. Instead, look at this list of freshman college dorm room essentials.



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Several ways for you and your roommate to organize you dorm layout. #dormlayout Several ways for you and your roommate to organize you dorm layout.


cairovercoat: cairovercoat: Protip for yall dealing with those ugly, uncomfortable university-issued beds: Set the bedframe to the tallest height possible Shove that stupid plastic mattress underneath the bedframe, sheets and blankets and pillows and all take some window curtains/extra sheets and clip them to the sides of the bedframe, creating a canopy around the underside of the bed where your mattress is. Plug up holes where light may seep through underneath with extra towels, pillows. attach lots of pretty christmas lights to the underside of the bedsprings Cover the top of the bedframe (where the springs are) with dark towels. then, over the towels, put down random-ass hard surfaces, cardboard and planks of wood. You got yourself a flat, hard surface on the top of your bed. use it as desk space/storage space. Remember that mattress you stuck underneath the bed? that’s where you sleep. congratulations. You have just constructed a fully functional, cozy little tent-nest where you can sleep and read and watch netflix and nap to your heart’s content. Benefits: roommate wants to keep the lights on until 5am? no problem. just crawl into your warm, dark cocoon of leisure, close the canopy, and fall asleep in complete darkness. NO MORE BEDSPRING CREAKING all your storage can go on top of the bedframe, so everything is always within reach. people think it’s really cool so you will make friends friends who you can then invite into your little snuggly home and watch movies with It’s really great and I highly recommend it 10/10 some clarification on what its gonna look like: (via qesena-archive)