DIY Blush Peony Bouquet - how to on Flower Muse blog

If you’re new to Flower Muse, then you probably haven’t yet seen how much we love peonies! We’re ECSTATIC that we now have them available again! It’s a little earlier than normal so it’s a real treat to have them! To kick off the return of these beautiful blooms, I thought I would how you how easy it is to DIY a bridal bouquet of peonies. The “ingredients” in this bouquet recipe are pretty simple: – 8-10 stems of blush peonies (we’re using “Nimbus” here) Since our peonies arrive in bud form, you’ll need to hydrate the stems until they open up to the stage that you prefer. If you’re not familiar with this process, you can read about it in our blog post about how peonies open. Some people like the look of peonies when they are mid-way open..