Montessori educational toy Preschool board Kids by LinearaHandMade

You can choose in your cart two shipping methods: Economy (5-14 days) and Express shipping (3-6 days) ITEM DESCRIPTION!!! This interactive busy board is very interesting and educational for toddlers. Also this sensory is great wooden toy and suitable perfect pastime for children of all ages! But this busy board we recommended for ages 2 and up, though some elements are suitable for younger children. If you need to order custom busy board for younger child, don’t hesitate to ask us! The size of the board is 30x20x7 cm (12”x8”x2.8”), which make this activity board compact and portable in long car rides, family trips and travels with babies. So, you needn’t take many toys and games – this busy board has many interesting activities elements which can replace other big and do not comfortable toys in trips with babies. This busy board is the best for your child because: - It’s made from natural materials; - Suitable for girl or boy; - Baby can play with sensory board standing, sitting or even lying down; - It’s safety for toddler (recommend playing under the supervision of adults) and polished; - Easy use in car rides, travels and family trips. You can use during fly; - Develop baby motor skills, which have a positive effect on speech. All elements of this Montessori wooden board suitable for exploring the various colors, textures, and built-in activities which will help the development of motor skills, memory, and logic, to name a few, as well as encourage kids to think creatively. This activity board is made from high-quality, eco-conscious materials. We use wood and plywood to create the base and some parts, and metal and non-toxic plastic for the rest. All parts are secured with screws, and painted with a non-toxic, unscented, water-based paint. We made this board with your child’s safety in mind, which is why all parts and surfaces are thoroughly polished and all corners are rounded to prevent injury. REMEMBER: Though this busy board is made with safety in mind, it is strongly advised that toddlers are played with only under adult supervision. THIS BUSY BOARD IS ALSO SUITABLE FOR ADULT! This activity board is amazing rehabilitation tool for patients who have suffered a serious injury or stroke: it help restore fine motor skills in adults, improve concentration, and alleviate stress. People who are at risk of developing or are suffering from conditions such as Alzheimer’s and/or Dementia, can improve and/or help preserve memory skills with fun and engaging activities. If needed, we are happy to custom make activity board that feature themes more age appropriate or interesting for adults. CUSTOM ORDERS: (Custom orders take 2-7 days to complete.) We are happy to create a custom busy board just for you! If you want us to create a board for a child of a specific age, please let us know, and we will make it happen! We can also make custom activity boards for adults! Please message us to let us know what colors, themes, activities, etc., you would like to incorporate into your custom activity board. If possible, please send reference photos CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Store separately. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Thank you for visiting our store. Sincerely staff LinearaHandMade Also you can see other our busy boards here