Blueberry Puff Pastry Pies - these look so delicious! A must-try recipe!

These. Warm pies + cold cream. I ate all of them. Can you blame me? I’m writing this from the airplane – yes! – en route back from Miami via Montreal. Getting there three days ago took three take-offs and landings and about 15 hours due to a troublemaking funnel cloud, but it was worth it to spend the weekend with Em, spreading the word about our oh-so-good-for-you Canadian lentils among those who like to write about food, catching up with a few of my favourite people and checking out the spectacle that is Miami beach. I was the pastiest-legged one there. (Em is sitting cautiously in the seat beside me, not moving much so as to minimize contact with her lobster-esque Canadian skin.) But. I wanted to share these pies with you. I used to think chocolate was my preferred dessert category. (And I’m still fully in love with a good chocolate chunk cookie or brownie or squidgy chocolate cake.) But there really areContinue reading